Canada Immigration

Canada Immigration Visa

Immigration to Canada has never ceased to garner enough attention from potential Immigrants globally. With a liberalized Immigration regime and an accommodating set of rules and regulations, individuals globally have taken a keen interest to settling permanently in Canada. Owing to its proximity and relations to the U.S and future Immigration opportunities has served as a stimulus to the rise in visa applications to Canada.

The Express Entry

Permanent residency and the Provincial Nomination Programs is the primary focus of Canadian Immigration. Student Visas, Work Permit and Business Immigration are other popular branches of the Immigration sector are also a favored option. Skilled Workers, International students and Business men have already strategized their Immigration route to Canada but only lack proper guidance on that front.

We have segmented the various Canadian Immigration routes for a better understanding of how the system functions, the eligibility criteria and the options that can be explored. Given our years of expertise in the industry, we can certainly help you devise the right path for you to move to Canada and settle there permanently with your family.

For a customized Immigration plan, contact our experts in our worldwide offices and have a free assessment conducted for you.

Different Types of Canadian Visa

Canada is an important country in North America. People love Canada for various reasons – for being a beautiful country, a country laden with work opportunities, an immigrant-friendly place, immense opportunities for good and affordable education, high standards of living and a country that is known for personal freedom. If you are also looking forward to visiting Canada to experience its scenic beauty, to study, to work or settle then, Visa Territory will help you with your visa processing. We take care of all types of visa including Canada work visa. Here are some types of visa’s for Canada that we can help you process:

Canada Visit Visa

People looking to take a tour of Canada or visit the country for a business meeting or meet friends and family here can apply for this visa. This visa is valid just for six months.

Canada Study Visa

Canada is home to some of the best colleges, universities and educational institutes. Students who get their degrees from here also get a chance to settle down permanently provided they meet certain criteria.

Canada Provincial Nominee Program

This program of Canada skilled immigration help skilled workers from different parts of the world to move and work in different provinces of Canada. Every province has different immigration plans. Visa Territory will guide you through the rules of these provinces so you can process your application easily.

Canada Express Entry Visa

The express entry visa lets gives you an opportunity to settle in Canada permanently. The Federal Skilled Worker program is especially for people who are experienced in their skills. This is a prospect for them not only to work permanently in Canada but also get Canadian citizenship after some years.

Canada Employment Visa

There are several categories and sub-categories in a Canada work visa. Every professional may have a different set of formalities to complete and different documentation to produce. This may sound dense, but our free visa assessment and Canada skilled immigration experts will guide you through the process.

Canada Sponsorship Visa

This visa is given by a Canadian employer who is looking forward to employing a skilled worker from a different part of the globe. Depending on the contract that the employer is offering, you may get a work permit for upto 3 years. Changing an employer will require re-applying for the permit.

Canadian Marriage Visa

Citizens of Canada or permanent residents can also apply for a permanent visa for their partner/spouse.

Canada Family Visa

All of us want to keep our family close. The Canadian family visa lets you sponsor a visa for your children, parents, siblings and even grandparents. Parents and grandparents of permanent residents of Canada are eligible Super Visa that has a validity of 10 years.

Canada Permanent Residency Visa

There are different categories under which you can get a permanent residency visa in Canada. They include Provincial Nominee Program, Federal Trades Class, Federal Skilled Worker, Family Sponsorship, Canadian Graduate Program and Canadian Experience Class. Having a different set of rules each category will need you to meet a certain criterion. Visa Territory officers will guide you through these rules based on your profile and help you get the permanent residency visa.

Visa Territory offers Canada immigration services from UAE, UK and Australia. We make the process of a visa application for Canada and other countries a hassle-free process.